Update from the band (2/7) new album

Its been a few months since I’ve updated the site, sorry about that! After finishing up our shows in December and January we took a step back from the performances for a bit. We couldn’t be happier with the progress we have made playing in the area over the past five months and the success that has followed. A special thanks to the musicians and artists we have been fortunate enough to play with this winter! Spaceland, The Strange Neighbors, and Blue Streak Blvd. A personal highlight of mine was our two sets in Saratoga for First Night 2015. Playing in new and different venues is always a fun experience (especially during our Saratoga sets where we performed in a church. That was awesome). It was an amazing rock show thanks to lighting and sound provided by Denis Entertainment group. A personal low of mine? Getting severe Mono after our show at the Fuze Box in Albany, But Pat and Taylor were very understanding and we all took advantage of this time to practice new ideas for our upcoming shows.

We have shifted our focus right now on our new EP. The three of us have been busy writing the new material, along with reworking some of the popular and more well known songs from suggestions by fans. We don’t have a release date yet, but you can expect more details from us soon. We are just as excited as you are, trust me.

Patrick’s side project Birds of the Northeast recently stopped by CRUMBS cafe for a live studio session and interview. If you have not had the chance to checkout the new album by Birds of the Northeast, here it is in all its folk glory. Their studio session will be available on the CRUMBS website in the following days. You can also see Birds of the Northeast live at Bombers Burrito Bar in Troy Thursday, Feb 12th– as a part of Capital Underground’s free show series at the second floor of Bombers. It provides very intimate shows in one of the coolest restaurants in Troy.

This is also a great opportunity to congratulate our bassist, and best friend Taylor Abbit on his acceptance into the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America. Taylor is a beast on stage with us (we know it, you know it, and the lady complaining about the loud music coming from the bar across the street probably knows it). He is an even more impressive bassist in his performances with classical music. He will be playing in select cities overseas this summer and we are very happy for him! For more details on the National Youth Orchestra and performances, click here.

That is all the news we have for now. There are more shows and info I would love to tell you about… but they should remain under cover until they are a little more developed.


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