Birds Of The Northeast

I cannot say I read a lot of books this summer, nor can I say that I went into my personal writing endeavors outside of the band like use to. What I can say is that I spent it with people who have made me laugh,cherish their presence, and open my mind to new possibilities. Apart from working in Good Fiction I also partake in another music project called Birds Of The Northeast. Which is comprised of Patrick Grace, Taylor Abbitt, and myself (yes the exact same trio as GF lol). These guys are my team and I couldn’t be any more proud of the progress the three of us have made over the past year since the inception of our band. They continue to make me laugh, cherish their presence, and open my mind to a whole new spectrum of possibilities. Making music is a passion but making it together with people who you care for is a complete art form to itself.

Patrick told me about his solo project last year when he was starting to get the concepts and songs written. I would have never imagined the simplistic and adept songwriting to be strung together so well like it is in his debut album. I was given the exclusive opportunity to listen to the album and practice with the guys for the live performances over the past few months now that we’re getting ready to showcase the music. I’m not a critic, I don’t have a proper title or maybe the expected experience a reviewer must have to make a judgement on an album (If they even need any). Speaking in a non prejudice and completely unbiased perspective, but purely as a lover of music; Birds Of The Northeast is a spectacular album. I can’t begin to tell you how many hours I’ve spent this summer painting in my garage listening to this music, studying it, and admiring it. Not because he is just my friend, but because he is also a one of a kind songwriter and I can tell how hard he has worked on this since day one.

The 12 track album features a variety of themes and musical concepts, you might find yourself listening to this more than once. Getting to make music like this live is a privilege and I cannot wait to show more people what Birds Of The Northeast has to offer! Pat has released the music onto sites like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Itunes. The music is completely worth checking out! If you enjoy the tunes come checkout the official facebook page for more updates on live shows!


Good Fiction will be returning to Trickshot in Clifton Park, Saturday September 13th with special guests Let’s Be Leonard. Tickets are 5 Dollars, show starts at 9!


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