Welcome to Good Fiction’s official website!

Speaking for the band, I would personally like to welcome you to our new website. Unity is key for musicians, that cannot speak any truer than to have a unified and coherent website in today’s Internet age. While there is not a lot of content at the moment, please be patient as more will be coming in the next few weeks. As well as new content, frequent blog posts with updates from us will be available all year round, and polls to generate feedback for us.

So what’s going on with the band right now? The guys and I spent the summer writing and producing our first demo material, which led to American Gun as the end product. We’re not hesitant to say once again we thank everyone who helped us out this summer in completing our writing and promotional work. We had a lot of fun making this music and we hope you enjoy it for your listening pleasure. We intend to continue the writing process for the majority of the fall season and announce a few new shows. If you are unaware of our other live act, Birds Of The Northeast; you should check it out. Birds Of The Northeast is the music project created by our lead singer and drummer Patrick Grace. We have the honor of recreating the music from Patrick’s debut album for live performances, we have several shows lined up for Birds Of The Northeast which will be announced later in the next few months on the facebook page.

Want to stay updated with the band? follow us on Twitter and Instagram! That’s all the time I have for tonight, enjoy the site!


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